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Beatles Quiz Answers

1. John Lennon, James Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr

2. A. John Lennon
    B. Ringo Starr
    C. Paul McCartney
    D. George Harrison

3. Parlophone; Northern Songs

4. On top of the Apple Corps. roof; January 30, 1969

5. The reaction to John's "Christ Statement" in the US.. The terrible experience in the Philippines when they were accused of 'snubbing' the Marcos's. Both endangered the lives of the Beatles. Their maturation and complex songwriting is also acceptable.

6. We Can Work It Out

7. Back in the USSR, Dear Prudence, and Why Don't We Do It In the Road

8. Help! was originally titled "Eight Arms To Hold You"

9. Astrid Kircherr, Klaus Voormen, and Jurgen Vollmer

10. Neil Aspinall and Mal Evans were the roadies. Alf Bicknell

11. John: Julian and Sean Lennon
      Paul: Heather (step-daughter), Mary, Stella and James  McCartney
     George: Dhani Harrison
     Ringo: Zak, Jason, and Leigh Starkey

12. "And in her eyes you see nothing, no sign of love behind the tears, Cried for no one. A love that should have lasted years. Song title: For No One

13. Taxman

14. Our World

15. Granny Smith; named for the apple


Score Chart

15 = Fabulous! You sure know your Beatles. Consider creating your own web page!

12-14 = Great Job! Your one-inch from reaching Beatles nirvana!

9-11 = Alright. Perhaps you should read more or buy "Beatles Encyclopedia" to cheat.

6-8 = I'm disappointed. Re-read ALL of my pages.

5-7 = I'm crushed. Did you even look at my information pages?! Read them ALL then try again.

2-4 = I'm gonna cry! How can you be so ignorant!

0-1 = YOU should cry. A person with this despicible of a score doesn't deserve to view my page. Leave immediately.

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