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Beatles Quiz

1. Name all four Beatles in the order they joined the group (first and last names please).

2. Match the appropriate Beatle with his dubbed identity:
A. The Smart One
B. The Funny One
C. The Cute One
D. The Shy One

3. Name the record label the Beatles worked for as well as the publishing company that holds John's and Paul's songs.

4. Where and when was the last live performance of the Beatles held?

5. What are the two major events in 1966 that prompted the Beatles to stop touring?

6. What song has these lyrics: "Life is very short, and there's no time for fussing and fighting my friend"?

7. Name the three songs from the White Album Paul drummed on.

8. What was the original title of the Beatles second motion picture?

9. Name three of the close friends the Beatles made in Hamburg.

10. Who are the Beatles two roadies and who was their main driver during their touring days?

11. Name all of the children of the Beatles and which Beatle is each one's father.

12. Fill in the rest of the lyric to complete the line as well as name the song it came from: "And in her eyes you see nothing...."

13. On what Harrison song did Paul play the guitar solo?

14. What was the name of the satellite broadcast that televised the Beatles performance of "All You Need Is Love"?

15. What was the original title of "Love You Too", one George's songs from Revolver?

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