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Strange Facts

Horses like classical music.

The oldest horse was named Old Billy. He was a cross breed, he was born in 1760 and he lived to be 62.

The World's Largest Horse was a Shire gelding named Samson, bred by Thomas Cleaver of Toddington Mills, England. Foaled in 1846, this horse measured 21.2 1/2 hand high in 1850, and weighed 3,360 pounds.

Horse Superstition

Horshoes are supposed to be lucky.

The luckiest horse shoe of all is one off the hind leg of a gray mare.

If you hang a horseshoe upside down, the luck runs out.

Gray horses are supposed to be lucky, while piebalds are unlucky.

According to superstition in Lincolnshire, England, if you see a white dog, you should stay silent until you see a white horse.



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