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Horse Training: Unscheduled Dismounts

A fly strip moving in the wind is no reason to deposit my slave in a mud pile & drag her half across the pasture once she catches me again.

I will not buck the six month old child off just because I'm feeling frisky. I am 31 years old and I'm supposed to act my age.

I will not go into a bucking frenzy causing my human to break her collar bone ever again.

I will not kick at my human's leg when we are cantering, causing myself to fall over on top of my human.

I will not leave when my rider falls off.

I will not spook and throw my rider when I see that annoying runt of a miniature donkey in the next pasture.

I will not test my riders balance by taking the bit and charging for the fence line and then executing a perfect 180 degree turn to head for the barn while she falls off into the fence line.

I will not try to quietly sneak away as my human mounts.

I will not turn sharply while my rider is ducking a branch, throwing her into the manure pile, then come back and snort in her face.

I will not wait until my human has just one foot in the stirrup before I make one magnificent leap forward, just to see if it makes her fall.

I will try to be more consistent about when I decide to try to get rid of my human when she is riding me.

Unloading my human before the designated spot is rude, so I must no longer do this.

When a guest is riding me I will not buck and try to throw her off.

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