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Horse Training: Longeing

After I realize I'm the one who is supposed to move, I will not gallop at her.

I will listen to my human on the longe rather than see what's interesting at the other end of the school.

I will no longer pretend that I hear a monster in the woods when my human longes me, faking a runaway and then looking for a sugar cube when my human says Whoa and I stop like a good girl.

I will not do Lipizzan impersonations on the longe line.

I will not run really fast on the longe line causing myself to fall down.

I will not totally ignore my human when he asks me to trot on the longe when I've been cantering.

I will not totally ignore my human when he asks me to walk on the longe when I've been trotting.

I will not totally ignore my human when he is asking me to trot on the longe.

I will not totally ignore the noise of the longe whip and do my own thing on the longe.

I will not try to give my human both barrels while she's picking up the lunging whip.

I will stop trying to create a world record for side rein breaking.

When my human instructs me to lunge, I will not stand there staring at her, expecting her to do it.

While being longed, I will not reverse without my human asking me to, in any gait.

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