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Famous Cows


Greek river god who, while fighting Hercules in the form of bull, had one of his horns broken off which was later made into the Cornucopia.


Divine cow of Norse legend.


Egyptian goddess.

Bessie the Cow

See Elsie the Cow

Blue Cow

Eponymously hued star of The Story Makers on CBeebies.


Brown bull mascot of ITV's gameshow Bullseye, presented by Jim Bowen between 1981-1994. He came complete with horns, nose-ring, as well as darts outfit, and was known to moo.


"Bull-god of the Arends" in David Eddings's Belgariad.

Concrete Cows of Milton Keynes

See Milton Keynes Concrete Cows.

Cow Parade

On-going art project hosted by various cities around the world and initially in Chicago. Artists paint their own designs on one of three designs of white life-size sculptures of cows. The resulting works of art are put out to graze around the city.


Gallic goddess known as the Divine Cow.


White Indian cow which carries the world on its horns.

Dun Cow I

A cow credited with the founding of Durham by helping the monks carrying the coffin of St. Cuthbert to find Dun Holm. The legend is depicted on the city's Norman cathedral.

Dun Cow II

A vicious beast from Shropshire eventually killed by Guy of Warwick on Dunsmore Heath.

Elsie the Cow

A Jersey cow used in American advertising and adopted by the . The Dairy Farmers of Washington mention that she was previously called Flossie the Cow and Bessie the Cow.


Pink cow from the Magic Roundabout. Apparently she was an Ayeshire.

Flossie the Cow

See Elsie the Cow

Fuwch Frech

Black and brown cow of Welsh folklore

Glas Ghaibhneach

Grey cow of Irish folklore.


Egyptian goddess.


Egyptian goddess.


Zeus fell in love with the human Io who was turned into a cow by either Zeus or Hera depending on the version of the legend.

Laughing Cow

See Vache qui rit


Egyptian Goddess.

Milka Cow

Purple cow used for marketing chocolate.

Milton Keynes Concrete Cows

The concrete cows of Milton Keynes were built in 1978 by artist Liz Leyh.


Half bull/half human son of Minos's wife and a white bull given to Minos by Poseidon.

Mrs O'Leary's Cow

A cow belonging to Mrs O'Leary which allegedly started the great fire of Chicago in 1971, presumably by accident, although the story is now thought to be made up.


The Hindu cow of plenty.


Egyptian goddess.


Egyptian goddess.

South Park Cows

The cows in South Park. Also the name of the World Dodgeball Championship winning team from South Park who beat the reigning Chinese champions in episode 205: Conjoined Fetus Lady.


The name used by Zeus when he took the shape of a white bull to seduce Europa, according to the Eastbay Astronomical Society, which also tells the story of the origin of the constellation of the same name. Taurus is, of course, the sign of the Zodiac for 21 April to 22 May.

Vache qui rit

Red cow used by Bel to market Laughing Cow cheese. The cow has a long history.

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