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St. Paddy's Trivia

Trivia Questions

Question 1: True or False? St Patrick was Irish?

Question 2: Was St. Patrick a Missionary?

Question 3: What does "Cead Mile Failte" mean?

Question 4: What does the shamrock represent in the Christian Faith?

Question 5: What color do people wear on St. Patrick's Day?

Question 6: What day is St. Patrick's Day celebrated?"











Here are the Trivia Answers

Question 1: False, St Patrick was not Irish.

Question 2: Answer: Yes, St. Patrick was a missionary from England to Ireland.

Question 3: "Cead Mile Failte" means One Thousand Welcomes.

Question 4: The shamrock represents the trinity in the Christian Faith.

Question 5: People wear Green on St. Patrick's Day.

Question 6: St. Patrick's Day celebrated March 17th.